10734283_10204071668124827_2666901631182163383_nMy name is Kortnee and I am a wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I am committed to my faith, my church, and my marriage. I have a passion for pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and helping women know their options when it comes to all three. You can expect to read a little bit about all of that here.

It is not my intention to post to this blog regularly in the sense that you can expect something every Friday or every other Monday. I often have thoughts and ideas that I’d like to share with others or questions that have gone unanswered and would like to ask. Often, they are too lengthy to post on a social media platform or need a little bit more explanation. Feel free to engage, question, and challenge me. Some of my ideas are controversial but many are not. I am a (very serious) Reformed Presbyterian so all my ideas are filtered through the lenses of Reformed Christianity. You can expect that to show up quite frequently.

It is my goal to share some of my heart, my ideas, and what I’m learning along the way with you. Thank you for joining me!


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